Hello! I'm Alex Gentry, language tutor and coach and founder of The Language Voyager. My language tutoring and coaching programs are perfect for language learners who are interested in travel and cross-cultural communication and have had problems in realizing their dreams to communicate well in a foreign language. If you're not sure how to effectively learn languages, then I'm here to help.

I've been where you're at. I know what it feels like to struggle and fail numerous times in a foreign language, but I also know from 9 years of experience what it takes to succeed. I'm a peak performance language coach who focuses on helping passionate language learners reach their highest potential.

I work with passionate language learners interested in interacting with foreign cultures and want to become self-directed language learners. Do you want to work with someone who knows how to help you create your own language learning strategy? Do you want to have a clear set of goals and vision for language learning? Would you like to have the courage and confidence to fulfill your dream of learning a language? Do you want to explore new worlds and places and make new friends without a language barrier? Then please make sure to get in touch with me today and join the voyage to mastery!


My Story:

Once upon a time, up until the ripe young age age of 14, I only spoke English and was only immersed in American culture and knew nothing else. After going on two trips to Europe at the age of 14 and 15, I got exposed to brand new cultures and languages in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Austria which gave me the foreign language bug and the travel bug, both of which I've totally addicted to. Those experiences were a wake-up call that I needed to learn foreign languages in order to expand my world.

How I Began Learning Languages:

I've always been a very curious, open-minded person, so I took the challenge in high school, studying Latin, German, and Mandarin Chinese and then took Mandarin Chinese in university, but noticing that although I learned a lot, that I did not become fluent in German or Mandarin Chinese by classes alone. I tried a self-study experiment with Spanish and after about three years of study and practice, I became a fluent Spanish speaker. I then did the same with Portuguese but in only thirteen months' time. I then experimented with other languages and found more results from deciding to learn foreign languages by myself than by any attempt to learn languages in the traditional classroom setting.

Through trial and error and learning from various language learners and experts for about five years, I applied their methods to see how I could learn a language more effectively until I found I was able to confidently use a foreign language for myself. I soon noticed a common thread between some language experts and major language products: They were promoting their own language learning methods as a way to learn languages.

My Goals:

I felt that I didn't have a language learning method I could market, and instead approached the thought of helping other language learners succeed in their language learning with the thought: Well if everyone learns foreign languages differently and neither the traditional classrooms nor traditional language products address peoples' learning styles individually, why not create completely individualized language learning programs to help people create their own language learning styles? By coming to this realization, I could use my language skills to help people fulfill their dreams of learning a foreign language or many foreign languages fluently.

Not only do I want to share the language learning methods and strategies I've learned or developed and to share my ongoing language learning journey, but I offer people the chance to begin to create their own journey whether they want to learn one language or many languages, whatever their background may be. Language learning is a journey in personal development, not just an endeavor to learn to communicate or understand another culture. If you really want to join the journey and the voyage to mastery, then make sure to subscribe to my website.