100 Things I Will Accomplish in 2016 and 2017

This post is a short departure from language-related topics.


However, The Language Voyager was not just meant to be another language blog giving advice on how to learn languages. The Language Voyager is more than just a language learning blog.


The Language Voyager is ultimately meant to inspire people to live boldly, not just in language learning, but in all aspects of life. To be successful in language learning or anything else is never to settle for the mediocre.


I will forever remember a certain quote from Batman Begins that I think should be part of the credo of everyone who strives for greatness: “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they cannot stop you, then you become something else entirely: A legend.” The point of this quote is: don’t settle for an ordinary life just because someone said you should, create a vision that you strive towards, and be completely hell-bent on creating the life you want. Stop at nothing to create your IDEAL life.


I was inspired to write this post by Lithuanian entrepreneur Tomas Laurinaricius’ post “100 Exciting Things I Want to Do Before I Die” and my friend German life coach and entrepreneur Ramona Fellermeier’s post “100 Things I Will Do in 2016” on her blog Always Happy Travels. Make sure to check out both of their posts and their websites if you’re interested!


So anyway this is a list of the 100 things I want to do in 2016 and 2017 starting in February! Here we go!!!




1. Get a haircut every 3 months


2. Running and exercise


3. Eating healthy, delicious food


4. Loving people, myself, and life


5. Reading


6. Meeting new people


7. Listening to music





Love and Connect


8. Spend time with my family


9. Spend time with my friends


10. Turn more of my Facebook friends into real-life ones


11. Turn many of my LinkedIn connections into real-life ones


12. Meet up and talk with my World Domination Summit and Live Your Legend connections online and offline


13. Skype with my growth friends every month


14. Skype with Sophia (my German sister) every month


15. Skype with my cousins Jenna and Kylie every month





16. Offer my language tutoring and coaching services to my friends and to language students


17. Start, organize, and lead a Live Your Legend meetup in Ashland, Oregon every month (check out what Live Your Legend is here)


18.  Volunteer as a Toastmasters officer


19. Practice kindness


20. Help people in my life change their lives


21. Start teaching online again, begin creating a course


22. Start coaching online and offline


23. Work remotely for a coach by December 31st


24. Connect somehow with Chris Guillebeau, Stephanie Zito, and Sean Ogle


25. Create a short video personally addressed for each of my connections every month to tell them that I appreciate their work and what they’re doing and ask how I can help them






26. Travel to the World Domination Summit this August 11-15 in Portland! (Bought my ticket!!!)


27. Travel to see my relatives in the Salem and Portland areas


28. Save up for a cousins trip in Europe I eventually plan to do with my cousins Jenna and Kylie


29. Travel to Portland several times to look at neighborhoods, housing, and jobs




30. Practice mindfulness with the Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo every day this year


31. Read two pages of The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard every week this year


32. Practice my speaking and presentation skills in front of Toastmasters every week


33.  Build and keep in contact with group of people offline and online that I regularly talk to that won’t let me fail.


34. Redo the Marie Forleo B-School




35. Learn Russian to a B2 level (high intermediate proficiency in the CEFR – look it up here) by July or December


36. Learn German to a B2 level by July and a C1 level (advanced proficiency in the CEFR) by December


37. Begin learning Korean this year to an A2 level (elementary proficiency in the CEFR)


38. Learn Hindi and French to a B2 level by December


39. Do a Chinese reading and writing challenge to complete by the end of 2017


40.  Learn how to become a master networker to build the personal and professional relationships I want - HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE


41. Learn about myself


42. Begin learning about finances


43. Work on the free E-Myth courses


Make a Habit


44. Write 2 blog posts per month (1 every two weeks) and focus on writing quality!


45. Publish three videos a week (1 to 2 minutes long)


46. Go for a daily run 6 days a week


47. Create a Daily Meditation Routine  -10 minutes every day


48. Laugh every day a lot


49. Be thankful every day


50. Exercise every day


51. Connect with two inspiring people every month (on average)


52. Take life less seriously


53. Create a Daily Affirmation Routine – 10 minutes every day


54. Create a Daily Visualization Routine – 10 minutes every day


55. Organize my room every week


56. Eat well and gradually move towards a 50% vegetable, fruit, and grain diet




57. Go running 6 days a week 1.8 kilometers/3 miles per day


58. Increase my core strength


59. Increase my leg and arm strength


60. Try yoga for the first time (in small steps)


61.  Try tai chi for the first time (the first 12 moves)


62. Go for a daily walk




63. Stay healthy


64. Listen to my body


65. Develop my intuition and gut feeling


66. Don’t apologize for being who I am


67. Always keep an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality – THINK AND GROW RICH


68. Smile!




69. Get a part time or full time job in Ashland, Oregon to save up the money I need to move to Portland, Oregon by December 31st


70. Get an online, location-independent, and part time job that I love


71. Work remotely for a coach by December 31st


72. Host a language coaching workshop


73. Lead Live Your Legend meetups in Ashland every month


74. Research universities in Germany


75. Research neighborhoods and areas of Portland




76. $8,000 to move to Portland, Oregon by December 31st


77. $5,000 for initial business and operation expenses to finally get my website really going by December 31st (this isn’t the amount I need to earn, I just chose this amount so that my business (especially my website) will begin to comfortably operate and continue running). If I don’t need as much money as that amount please let me know.


78. $600 to purchase the School of Greatness course


79. $700 to pay off the remaining price of the Lewis Howes 7 Figure Webinars course (which I had to stop using until I can pay the rest of the $1200, $500 already paid off, $700 to go so that I can keep using the course)


80. $42 every six months for the biannual Toastmasters fee

Some money to help keep The Language Voyager going for the long term




81. The School of Greatness course by Lewis Howes for $600


82. The Live Off Your Passion Course by Scott Dinsmore and the Live Your Legend team for $197


83. The How to Make Your First $1,000 from Your Passions and Talents by Scott Dinsmore and the Live Your Legend Team for $147




84. The World Domination Summit 2016


85. Attend a concert


86. Attend a festival


87. Throw a party


88. Sing karaoke in a bar


89. Do something that tests my limits


90. Being present


91. Try to go on a date with someone




92. Write and edit my first book about my life story (beginning in February)


93. Write and edit my first book about language learning (beginning in March)


94. Finish my free ebook for The Language Voyager website signup and opt-in forms


95. Color in my adult coloring books


96. Write every day in a foreign language and write my honest authentic feelings


97. Develop a fun business idea with a friend (and maybe bring it to life)


98.  Start meetup groups for language learning and Live Your Legend and other communities of like-minded people


99. Create an environment of inner peace and joy for myself


100.  Send out handmade, handwritten cards to clients and friends


What does your list look like? How does it feel to you? Please put a link to your post below and write out what you want to achieve this year!



As always, Enhance Your Voyage and Learn a Language!